Tony came to Arizona for New Years so we took advantage of the time he was here by going down to Tucson area to explore some things we'd been wanting to do. The first one was the Ostrich Farm. Located off the i-10. Probably an hour and a half or so away from Mesa.
For $5 you got a cup of food that you could feed the deer, ostriches and goats and miniature horses with. Then you got a cup of nectar to feed to the birds. The birds were fed last.
They were pretty cute and it was funny as soon as you pop that lid off you get bombarded by balls of feathers coming to land on you and drink the nectar out of your cup!
He looks like a bird lover!
In my crazy bird lady glory!
We also paid to go on the monster truck tour. It was facinsating ! Lots of great facts about ostriches and other animals, cactus and the area. We had some cool people on our tour, a couple from Syria, Alaska , Tucson and a couple who used to live in Arizona. Great mix of people! We got wild and crazy towards the end when the lady driving the truck took us over some big bumps.
It was def. worth the time and money to go here. We had a great time.You can also buy ostrich eggs, jerky, feather dusters, jewelry, hollowed out eggs and other fun things.