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Estimating Solar System Size Analyze

How big of a Solar System should I get

Micro vs String Inverter Analysis

Is paying more for Microinverters worth it?

Solar Cost Analysis

Is buying solar panels worth it?

Our Solar Journey - Issues and 1st inspection

Now that everything is hooked up we tested it out with a minor issue and called the inspector to pass everything off.

Our Solar Journey - Installing Panels

We are finally able to start installing the solar panels.

Our Solar Journey - System Wiring

This is going to be a two step process of hooking up the subpanel to the combiner box and then combiner box to the solar panels.

Our Solar Journey - Shingles and Railing System

It took us 17 hours over 6 days to shingle the roof and put down the railing system for the solar panels.

Our Solar Journey - Roof Work

*This post may contain affiliate links*Since we are doing this project in the middle of the Ridgecre...

Our Solar Journey - Shingles lift

One of the biggest worries that I had with doing the roof was getting the shingles ontop. So we built a shingle lift to get them up there.

The Start of Something New - Our Solar Journey

We have lived in Ridgecrest, CA for almost 4 years now. I can't even believe it's been that long alr...