I miss food trucks so much! Living in Utah they were all over the place/ I saw them often. There were food truck roundups all throughout the week and sometimes I went (don't want to let the novelty wear off!) and tried a new truck each time. Sigh. Good times!  
These trucks, in particular or others, are parked across from the La Brea Tar Pits. I wished I could have tried them all but there was no chance to do that. I had gone to get some pictures outside the LACMA and had to hustle back to the car to drive the inlaws to the next destination. Plus it was super duper hot outside so I was trying to hurry. But...crepes...kabobs...aiii!
Outside the LACMA! I hope to go inside the museum next time and I'd also like to take some pictures of the lights when they are turned on in the evening.
This museum is the Petersen Automotive Museum. It looks so neat outside, doesn't it? It was created in 1994 and is one of the world's largest auto museums. Putting this on the list to do in the future.
I want to be those girls, next time, when I am on Santa Monica Blvd and get to stop and take some pictures with this sign and drive up and down the streets of the big homes that I am sure sit back behind the trees.
The most frustrating thing about driving around this area was that there was only parallel parking or you had to get validated to park. I did find a Starbucks in a shopping center but was too scared to walk to Salt & Straw because I didnt want anyone to see that I'd left my car in the lot and walked to a business not in the shopping center. Oh L.A...you kill me.
But you also kill me with your photographic moments. Can't wait to go back (and have Tony drive!)