Saturday night when we got back from being in Tucson , we met up with my friends Ben & Hillary, their friends ,a girl named Cressa and also Bonnie & Blake. We got kind of a late start waiting for everyone to show up but we were going to check out an old mine, called the Bat Cave, out at Superstition Mtn area.
Cressa, Me and Tony
Everyone in front of the cave. As we were hiking there a helicopter was overhead and shined its spotlight down at us. We all turned off our lights but then Ben said , "We're not criminals..." and so we all turned our lights back on and waved. Haha! For a second I felt like an illegal alien being hunted.
Sadly there were bars in front of the mine/cave because last year some kids killed a bunch of bats on purpose and left them in a pile at the entrance to the cave. Terribly sad. We had known about this story but wanted to see if for reals we could or could not get into the cave. We crossed some barbed wire fence and a couple warning signs before we were really stopped - by the metal gate.
Girls in front of the entrance with Bonnie pretending to be prego and her sister Hillarly really is prego.
Hehehe Tony & I are being funny in this picture
We hung out at the entrance for awhile, taking pics, enjoying the stars and city lights of Phoenix before starting the hike back.
The hike back took awhile, we kind of lost the direction and path we were going and had to walk through some thorny bushes. Luckily we didnt see any javelinas! That would have been super scary. I'm so glad Tony was there with me. We finally made it out to the road and split up into 2 groups of 5 to find our cars. Luckily we hadnt walked far before the other group yelled they had found where we had parked. That about wraps it up for exciting adventures at the bat cave!