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Someone posted in one of the Facebook groups we are in, that they freeze-dried Jello and it tastes like cotton candy. Say what?! I enjoy cotton candy. I was very intrigued and we have lots of boxes of Jello so we gave a couple different flavors a go.
I pulled out all my molds that I had been saving for resin crafting and used them for food instead.
Refridgerated the liquid first.
Then we froze the molds and popped out the shapes.
Used parchment paper to stack the Jello to fit more on the trays.
Combined the Jello with fresh  pineapple and green grapes.
Close up look at the fresh fruit before it goes in to the freeze dryer.
Grapes don't shrivel in to raisins but they do shrivel a bit. Pineapple too. Yum!
So good. So so good! A top favorite with the Skittles and taffy.
I used my Cricut Joy to make some fun tags and delivered freeze dried candies around to the ladies who were RSVP'd to the Pinterest party which I ended up canceling due to Covid-19. I felt bad, I was planning to have freeze dried treats out for them but since no party? I brought little party bags to them.
What's inside! Some taffy, ice cream sandwich, cheesecake, bananas, Popsicles, Jello....