Snagged this picture as we drove by after going up to Whitney Portals. This is where we ate, outside, with a few bits of ash falling around us. Mt. Whitney Restaurant. "Best Burgers in Town." So that's what we ordered.
I ordered the classic hamburger and asked for the meat to be well done. Sadly the meat was pink on the inside and I asked them to remake it after I ate a few bites and saw that.

 Tony ordered this burger with blue cheese. Said it was a-ok. I am glad he got to try it.

Thanks to our server for hooking us up with free ice cream as my burger was not cooked all the way through. They made it right but giving us free dessert was over the top! I got Rocky Road, my fave.

Now we are on our way to Whitney Portals!
With a little pit stop to this funny rock place. There used to be teeth but now there are lips. I wish the spiky teeth were still showing. Not sure what happened to Tony's eyes in the picture and my face with no makeup but it's the only selfie we took in this spot.
Up and up we go, on our way to the portals. See photos of that area in my next post.