After we checked out of our hotel, we drove just a couple minutes away to The Flower Fields. This has been on my list of must-see places since last year when I first heard about it. The timing is tricky since April is a busy month and I think that is when the flowers are blooming best but April 1st was pretty darn amazing. 
These pictures are from our big camera so I will be doing another post with some photos from my phone.
The green section is flowers that have not bloomed yet but there were quite a lot of rows to the left that were blooming and so bright and beautiful.
Tractor rides around the fields were $5 and since this might be the only time we get to go I knew I wanted to do it all.
One of my friends has a time share in that hotel behind the flower fields. I guess you can go up in that area. It was off of Legoland Drive if you ever want to check out the flower fields that way or get a different view. 
The tractor takes you about half way around and you can get off or stay on. They come around every so often so you can stay and take pictures in the flowers for 20 minutes or you can wander around all day.
Ocean view out that way...
A bit "closer" ocean view
The beginning of a bunch of photos of yours truly...
 Tony documenting my documenting. Haha
Carlsbad Mining Co.
Live band!
If you'd like to visit The Flower Fields yourself, the address is:
5704 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad, CA