I found a hike on Yelp called Quail Trail and I think quail are so cute so of course I wanted to do this hike!
Yay! Here we go!
The views were quite amazing and we could see the Great Park Balloon!
Up and up we went. It was kind of steep but not so steep that I felt like we 
needed walking sticks.
Panoramic view
Since we started this hike a little later than we would have liked, we did not do the hole trail. It is a 1.8 mile loop but we had dinner to be at at 5:30 which was actually only a few miles away at the Spectrum Center but also there were signs warning us not to be on the trail at dusk because coyotes start to come out.
Next time we will start earlier and do the whole trail!
Overall I liked this hike a lot and thought the views were really nice. We didn't see too many animals except birds and a beetle but I guess people have seen snakes on the trail before. There were a few mountain bikers that passed by us and a hiker mom and her little boy.
If you'd like to go hike here the address is:
34 Shady Canyon, Irvine, CA 92603