We had signed up for the Parrot Garden tour at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab and arrived a little late but were still able to join the tour of learning about the birds here. I have wanted to do this tour for a few years now so it felt magical that it was finally happening!
This parrot in the pic on the left was fun to watch. This was more of a playground area that in winter months, the birds get to go to and this parrot had the area all to himself.
I was happy to see that little cockatiel got adopted but wish I had been the one to get him! Or her. Such a cutie with great coloring!
Our guide was super knowledgeable and I felt a bit jealous she gets to work here 
with the birds!
These cockatiels were either super shy or recovering from surgery so that's why they were in this room. We didn't get to go in but I got some pictures through the windows. They were so cute.
A couple of photos of birds back in the day with people. I thought these ones, in particular, were cool, I wish I'd had more time to stand and look at each picture.
Overall, a great tour to go on and lasts 45 minutes. I was a bit sad not to have more interaction with the bird or any outside looking around the bird area. It was pretty cold and snowy on the ground but maybe going outside is for a different tour of that area. I'll have to find out.
If you want to go check out the Parrot Garden tour yourself, click herefor more information.