I've never gotten to see a sunset at Death Valley National Park at the sand dunes so I decided to stay while Tony took a nap in the car. I also got to do a fun tour with a park ranger.
But Tony agreed to take some pictures before he went to nap.
I learned that there are 5 sand dunes in Death Valley.
That the smaller the grains of sand, the farther the sand has traveled. 
There are kangaroo rats and they can jump up to 9 feet.
There are sidewinders (horned rattlesnakes) that leave J prints in the sand.
It was quite an informative time. 
Fun with the camera....
Next time I come here I want to bring cardboard or a snow disc to slide down on in some of the dunes.
Have you ever been to the sand dunes in any state? They are pretty common it turns out as the guide girl had people say what dunes they had been to in the past and a lot of people chimed in. Pretty neat.
If you want to visit, here's the info