Welcome to Rhyolite, Nevada, a Ghost Town which is on the east edge of Death Valley and 120 miles from Las Vegas. We were able to stop and explore it on our way home from Pahrump. This place has been on my "go-to" list for a few years, ever since I saw someone post about it on Instagram.
Selfie with this interesting family.
The front side...
The back side...
The side side , hehe. And the ghostly figure with a bicycle. 
Tom Kelly Bottle House
There are so many areas to see and explore and think about.
It'd be nice to know more of the history of this place. The Wikipedia page does have some good information if you want to take a look at that. Mostly though we just had fun driving around, lots of dirt roads connecting everything, and stopping to get out and take some pictures. Worth coming here if you ever find yourself in the area.