Sunday was luckily a bit warmer of a morning but still had a chilly start to it. It was fun to watch all the balloons take off from the field - glad for another day with weather good enough for the balloons to fly safely. I love this pic because you can see the shadow of our balloon there on the ground.
This balloon has retired from flying so the owners allowed people to walk inside and get pictures. It was pretty awesome and I'm so glad I got the chance to do this. Once by myself and then quickly on the last day with Tony.
Helping with the tethered rides. Up, down, 4 minutes at a time. Eventually I had to sit and take a rest because it was a lot of standing and moving and my body got really tired. But it was great weather even though it was cold and took me a long time to warm up.
Some glass ball fun
Tony got to control the burners - wowow!
So many balloon selfies and shoutout to Walmart for the warmest sweatshirt EVER! 
Such a good day, great crew, awesome pilot and overall a fun time with pretty amazing weather.