This day has been a long time coming. We were finally, finally, going to go to a teardrop camper meetup with our teardrop. That gave us the motivation to start in February to get it ready to hit the road in March.
We arrived at Lake Perris State Recreation Park late Friday morning. Well, more like 2pm or so after we stopped to get some lunch, gas and a quick run in to Winco. The event really started on Thursday but because of the weather, we opted to wait another day + Tony had to work Thursday anyways.
People were so friendly as soon as we got to the registration area. We were told to go pick a spot, then come back and tell our number on the spot and we would get a packet of information. We did not order t-shirts or name tags but I wish we had gotten name tags because they were made out of wood with names engraved in and they looked really awesome and professional. Next time!
Of course I had to spot an owl right away...
After we got our spot set up, we started walking around and visiting the other campers and getting tours of their teardrops. It was quite fun!
Here's some of what we saw on day 1. We only had a few hours to walk around and chat with people before it was time to start our food for the dutch oven dinner.
Our dish was pretty easy. We are the dutch oven on the right - the really small one. But it's the perfect size for what we need it for and Tony made my favorite dip for chips in it. Velveeta cheese and salsa. The event organizers were so nice to provide the charcoal and the mixture heated up quite nicely in the dutch oven. Thank goodness! We've never tried making it this way before. Usually, we just have this as a special food on New Year's Eve and we make it in the crockpot. 
People made some really amazing dishes though. It was really cool to sample so many of them. Smart people brought those plates with the portioned areas. We just had paper plates.
Pandy and I with the t-shirts I made with my Cricut machine. Love how they turned out!
Ignore the crazy eyes and inside-the-teardrop-shot because we neglected to do it outside when it was light.
There are absolutely no hooks or places to hang things (yet) in the teardrop but I managed to wedge a metal piece on my light on to the doorframe. Thank goodness for random cracks! 
Stay tuned for day 2!