I got home from Utah On Thursday the 18th and we left Friday the 19th to start our anniversary weekend trip. Celebrating 8 years this year - holy moly!
We started Friday by using our Six Flags passes we got last Black Friday. We've only used the passes once so far (the day the water park area closed for the season) so we were due back for a trip. Not sure why we got these passes because neither of us like roller coasters very much but we figured there would be enough other rides we would want to do and the cost was so cheap.
Anything Jelly Belly reminds me of the times my family went to the factory in Fairfield and we got to take a tour of how the candy is made. So fun!
We walked around the park for awhile and ended up at this shooting game ride with 3D glasses. Tony got a bit motion sick part way through but I thought it was fun. I also got a nice score.
This ride shut down for awhile and a lot of people left the line. I'm glad we stuck with it though. I think we waited an hour or so to get through the line. This isn't Disneyland...I am kinda shocked when I have to wait in line for long periods of time at parks but a Friday, it was bound to be kinda crowded.
The water ride was fun but I got kinda soaked! Not too bad and thank goodness for wind and sun that helped me dry out faster. 
I went on a ride like this in Arizona at the Fair last year and it was pretty exhilarating. I needed more of a thrill to my day with the rides so Tony stood in line with me (another hour) to get on this ride. I was trying to stay off my phone during our anniversary weekend but I still tried to get a lot of pictures because I knew I'd be blogging about everything!
The ride at night..swinging back and forth and back and forth, higher and higher. 
It was worth the wait!
Had to get a flat penny and a treat. We ended up with a Butterfinger Caramel Apple. Another long wait in a line just to get that treat but it was pretty tasty.
'Til next time!!
We found a Peruvian restaurant on Yelp and decided to check it out. 
Tony was in the mood for Lomo Saltado but we ended up with this dish which we had never tried before - Fettuccini A La Huancaina Con Lomo Al Pisco. That's a mouthful!
It was pretty freekin delicious! And I love that they brought us breadsticks, never gotten that before at a Peruvian restaurant. It was pretty busy for being 9:30pm at night but we got seated fairly quickly and our server was nice but not super attentive. We had to wait awhile for our check to be brought to us and all we wanted to do after eating was get to our Airbnb which was about an hour away.
Here's the place in case anyone wants to check it out:
 Chios Peruvian Grill
7755 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91405