Beautiful view on a not so beautiful day. You see, Oxnard does not usually get very windy but on our trip it got so windy (did we bring the Ridgecrest winds with us?!) that whole trees blew down. There was debris from palm trees everywhere. Quite crazy and made for some chilly temps as well.
Headed through Red Rock Canyon on our way to Oxnard / Point Mugu area where Tony needed to be for work. Lucky me got invited along for the trip!
A pasta place in Oxnard because Tony felt like getting Italian food. 
It had good stars on Yelp but we were not impressed. 
I guess mine felt like it was just something I could have made at home. Nothing special.
Tony didn't like the taste of his at all. I tried some and wasn't a fan either. 
Cool clouds when we arrived to the hotel!
Where we stayed, Embassy Suites by Hilton Mandalay Beach Resort
There was not a whole lot to do when we got there except unpack the car and relax a bit. Our room was fairly nice - it had 2 bathrooms which was crazy! Pics of hotel room coming soon.