This was Tony's main day to work and my day to play or..stay in the hotel room all day.I did venture out for breakfast and it was pretty good. Then I checked out the pool, spa area and the beach. I tried to walk on the beach for awhile but it was super chilly and just so very windy! So I didn't stay out long sadly before heading back to the room where I spent most of the day online. I did bring some craft stuff to do and some papers to go through but didn't end up doing anything with those things on this trip.
Wish the weather had been nicer to use the pool!
We did use the hot tub on Friday morning before we left. It was nice. Until a kid with snot running down both sides of his nose got in. His mom wiped his nose - with her hand - then put her hand into the water. So gross.  There are probably lots of germs like that in a public hot tub or pool but it's one thing to actually see it happening!
Beautiful landscaping and I love that bottlebrush tree.
Glad I had my hair in braids to keep it neat in the wind. Plus, the hat helped. 
Both hat and sweatshirt and shorts were thrifted!
Tony got "home" finally and we headed out to do some things. 
We went to test drive a Mazda 3 and went to Yogurtland. Later in the evening we picked up some free cement blocks to use in the backyard.  We also found this fun little farm and those goats are high in the sky on those ramps. It was hilarious and after we passed it I made Tony turn the car around so I could get some photos. 
Tried the new Blueberry Lavendar yogurt. Deliicous but not super flavorful. Hands down this is always my favorite yogurt place to go to though although there are a few other ones I enjoy as well.