I am not exactly sure how I heard about the red poppy fields in Utah when I was up there this past week. Manuta has a location that I almost went to on Saturday with a friend, but then I ran out of time. I opted to go to the location in Alpine and a couple nice people in Instagram helped me with directions as well as a fellow blogger. Ultimately, I got lost trying to follow various directions and I am terrible with maps. So..I thought I would do a blog post about how to find the area in Alpine exactly so you don't end up like yours truly, hiking around the wrong area completely!
I parked at this LDS church building (pictured above).
Address:1125 E 910 N, Alpine, Utah
There is street parking as well. You may be able to park on the street behind this area called Moyle. I didn't attempt that this time though.
Once you park at the church, you head down the street going east. But you go just a few steps out from the parking lot on the actual sidewalk because you will turn left from the sidewalk onto a dirt path. It then turns you to the right and you go past that big circle water tank (pictured above). 
Go past the water tank, but see the bridge? You can cut that way if you want or keep following my blue line around and to the left. You will pass by a bathroom station - known as Lambert Bathroom on Google Maps (pictured as a white box in the photo above). Keep following the blue line, curving towards the left (north).
Here's a picture of the bathrooms you will pass. 
Curve towards the left until the road splits. You will want to head off to the right now. Don't keep going straight. Continue on the road you make that right on and the poppies will be straight ahead of you. You won't be able to miss them.
You'll basically end up at these coordinates:
40.470399, -111.755435
Here's what I saw:
This stream should be on your right-hand side as you walk
This landmark will mean you are on the right path.
The road will curve you to the right..follow that..see that community of homes in the distance? You want to head that way. And then the sight will be so good because you will have made it to the poppies!
Plaque explaining the building above.
Someone knitted sweaters for the tree trunks. Heh!
Overall, a beautiful place. Lots of people were out there when I went but I still managed to get some good pictures without others in them.
This is a view of the shortcut bridge on my way back.
Trying to use my self-timer balanced on branches. Quite funny
I'm so glad my trip out here ended up being a success. I will have to blog the fail portion of trying to get here in another post but when I do, I will be sure to link it here. 
Let me know if you decide to go out here! I'm interested to see if my directions make sense for anyone. Thanks for reading!