We started the day in North Highlands and from there, drove all over Sacramento looking at cars, walking up and down the streets with car lots looking at cars and test driving a couple. It was exhausting! We did take some breaks to meet up with a friend and get some fun eats.
My friend Marie has wanted us to try this ice cream place for a little while now.Stoked to say that we were finally able to make it happen!It was so awesome tasting and I would totally go back again. Rolled ice cream with as many toppings as you want on top.
Right next to it was Pizza Rev which I swear I've never had but Tony thinks we have. Irregardless, we ordered our own personal pizzas and they were fantastic. I got chicken, pineapple and mushrooms and tomatoes on mine. I ate it all except for a couple pieces. We ate outside with Marie & had some good conversation before having to part ways. 
Stopped by Hobby Lobby to "use the bathroom" but I found some cool crafty items along the way
We went to Safeway where I found the best flowers ever for my grandma who has been in rehab for her legs and feet the past few weeks. Sadly, I never heard back from my uncle about meeting up with them all so I had to put this and a few other things back to try again another day.
We headed back to Woodland after test driving one more car and stopped at Papa Murphy's to pick up a pizza to eat with Linda.  A chill evening which was nice after a busy day of running all over the place.