Waking up to calm grounds and beautiful skies in Bear Valley Springs.
Starting the morning oh so early at these balloon events but it makes for a great start to the day, despite feeling a little tired and sleepy. Not too bad though.
So many pretty balloons inflating in the open fields.
Starting to see some lining up in a row
Enjoying the view all around us.We are crewing for Kim and her Reach for the Stars balloon at this event.
Do you think both of these balloons are regular size?Yes? No? One of these balloons is a remote-controlled hot air balloon! This is what I would get if I was going to get more into ballooning. Haha. I think they are pretty cool. And manageable. And if it crashes (which it won't because it's on a tether) then you aren't responsible for anyone's life in your hands. 
Getting to go up and add some extra weight to the basket here.
Now it's Tony's turn to go up....up....and away!
Time to squeeze all the air out of the balloon. Hard work, I don't enjoy this part but honestly, I've never had to do it myself, maybe a small part but Tony can milk a whole balloon if needed but it really is exhausting. We got it all done and put away in the truck. Then we were free to roam about Bear Valley Springs.  
Time to walk around the car show!
I took pictures of some of my favorites...
Loved the color but definitely not the style. Ick
Okay - this was a great color and style!
Tony trying out a hula hoop
In the afternoon we drove to Bakersfield. So much to do! Got an oil change for the car and did a few other things.
We went to Home Depot and picked out a color to paint the inside of the teardrop
We went to Yogurtland and I got my free birthday yogurt
Finally made it to see Other Side of Heaven 2 in Bakersfield!
Sadly Spiderman 3 was playing on either side of us and every rumble had me thinking it was an earthquake. Really made it hard to relax and enjoy the movie.
Got my free birthday meal at Black Bear Diner. I barely ate any of it because I was so on edge and nervous so we took most of it to go.