This is the first year we have camped at the Normal School on campus for this family reunion. Last year we stayed in the main building but Tony's brother invited us to camp with them so we used the teardrop every night and I loved it! Didn't love pulling it soo far but loved being able to use it.
Breakfast on Friday morning. Biscuits and gravy. Fruit.
We did this tour a few years ago but quite a lot of us gathered to do it again. The guide (I think her name is Patty?) is really good and we got to tour all 4 buildings. 
This area has been turned in to a place to have a reception or more formal event. 
The next building is a bit more spooky...haunted mansion. This is where ladies, and some men, would come learn how to be teachers way back in the day. It's all torn up now but it's interesting to walk through. I wish it hadn't gotten so destroyed. 
Interesting to walk through and imagine people going to school here to learn how to become teachers.
Dani hiding in the trunk..
Trying to capture ghosts in the dust..
Outside of the first building. 
At  Halloween this opens up for people to walk through. Too scary for me to go at night *and* during Halloween time. No thanks!
Time to go in the 3rd building!
It had a nice theater area with a stage and orchestra pit but it's all been destroyed. Last time we were here, there was an owl inside flying around! This time, the seats have been pulled up and a sort of maze put in. Sad to see that.
Controls covered with poops, dust and junk.
Last building. I took some video, only a couple pictures. By the 4th building I was getting tired and thirsty. It was a lot of walking but not too bad so I dont know why I got so tired! 
Pulled out all the nailpolish for people to paint nails
I went with Tony's brother Austin and his uncle Kevin to Walmart about 20 minutes away, to get some supplies.
Also, these supplies ;-) 
Came back, hung out at the pool for awhile and watched the kids play. I wanted to get in but it was going to be dinner time soon so I opted just to put my legs in.
I can't stop raving about this meal cooked in milk tins. Then they dump it out on to these sleds covered with foil. So perfect for people to be able to serve themselves. Veggies and meats. You can pull out what you want. I can't even. The flavor is just so darn good!
Got a mashed potato, mushrooms, carrots, ham and a corn on the cob.
That slice of watermelon was soo good and sweet.
Hanging out waiting for the evening activities to start.
Tony's Aunt Joanna was giving some history of the Terry family and her mom.
The kids dressed up like famous people the Terry family is related to. Royalty, etc.
Knobby knees contest. 
We shaved Tony's legs in to stripes. Haha!
He won an award for Most Original. Lol
Then Aunt Donna read us a story and it was fairly funny.
How Tony would look with hair....oh wow. 
Winding down the evening with s'mores and a campfire. Love love it.
Tony is a pro marshmallow roaster. Like, you have no idea...
Oh wait...winding down the evening with some looking for owls!
Then warmed up again by the campfire and called it a night. SUCH a good day. I love this place and these people I get to call family.