We met up with my brother Matt and his family before they headed back to Arizona after Thanksgiving. This is a store called Hyde & Seek in Hyde Park in Boise Idaho. Come and take a look inside with me!
Owls galore. Seriously. I was in heaven the moment I walked inside.
Owl plates, owl matchboxes, owl art
Owl coasters and cards
Owl on a pedestal...
Owls on a platter
So many fun lamps hanging from the ceiling all over!
Bubble clocks on the left, fat pom pom garland in the middle and old fashioned ornaments on the right.
A teardrop camper mobile? But really they were individual ornaments you could purchase.
The tall blue glass cups were so pretty and elegant with the design.
Do you spy the owl on this platter?
I am loving the look on the sloth's face with all the macaroons.
The painting of the bear on the swing in the middle picture with the moon above him.
So much fun and whimsy. Isn't that Ferris wheel amazing?!
So much home decor for holidays and dishes and artwork
The owl mugs were so beautiful
I absolutely LOVE these owl plates with their wings in the air. Also, that owl stained glass on the left. The owl with the crown on the right. Squee! A must go to store for any owl lover!
These stained glass birds were adorable. Would totally love to own this!
I want to try and recreate that art piece in my own way (see right hand photo above). I love the way all the owls are peering down and one is winking. Ahh!
If you'd like to visit this store yourself, you can find it at:
1521 N 13th St, Boise, ID 83702