We left Ridgecrest at 530pm Tuesday evening and got to Idaho at 8am the next morning.
It was a long drive and sketchy at times. Luckily we never had to break out the chains.
We took turns driving through the night. Considered stopping to sleep in Winnemucca and even looked up hotels and called one of them but decided to keep going. 
I'm glad we didn't have to stop but I sure do miss the 'easy' drive it was to get from Salt Lake to Boise when we lived in Utah. 
Got to meet my nephew Levi for the first time. He turned 8 months old in Idaho. He's so cute!
We stopped at my brother Jeff's house to bring him a bunkbed we had brought with us and my brother Matt his family were over so I got Tony to take some pictures of us. 
We did other errands throughout the day on Wednesday , since we had come a day earlier than we had planned, we hadn't made very many plans of things to do but managed to fill the day and had a nice dinner at my parents house in the evening.