We took a break from the Parade of Homes in St. George and headed to Snow Canyon State Park. There is quite a lot to do in this area. Hiking trails, horseback riding, biking and rock climbing. People were out on the day we went enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery.
Pioneer Names is a short walk from the road and it was cool to see the names of the pioneers who had come through the area so long ago, written up on the rock face.
Found some cool hide-y holes and places for photo ops.
Next we went to Jenny's Canyon which is a 0.3 mile walk to get to the slot canyon. You go in and you come out. There is no loop. But you get to see some cool rock designs along the way.
Lots of vertical pictures in this place. It was also kind of crowded with families but we managed to get some good pictures with no people in the background. 
Tony hugging nature because he loves it soo much. 
Attempted for some fun jumping pictures with Heidi.
Next - checking out the sand dunes!
Our friends Heidi and Andrew were with us this day and Andrew was so kind to do all the driving. The sand dunes were super chill, lots of families, some picnicking, some with kids playing in the sand and sliding around on cardboard. If I lived in St. George I think I would frequent this area because it has such a nice vibe to it.
Sun is getting a little low - time to go and finish the Parade of Homes for the day!