Clint Carvalho himself! We were able to attend his bird show at the Springs Preserve on the very last day! I feel so lucky that it finally worked out to go and that my friend Emily & her son Colton could go with us. 
I think it was an extra $5 afterwards to be able to interact with the birds and get some pictures. You bet I paid that in a heartbeat! I was the 2nd person in line and I'm glad I was because the line got pretty long behind me.
There was a trick where one of his cockatoo's was outside with his son and the bird managed to fly and find us in the building we were in. Pretty awesome!
I wish Tony had made me take off my hat or that the lighting had been better. Agh. One chance to get pictures and they didn't turn out super great but I definitely have a pretty fun memory to hang on to.