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Another day, another freeze drying adventure. Our Harvest Right machine doesn't get much rest! Of course we give the pump the recommended amount of time to cool down but once it's ready, we don't waste any time getting another batch loaded.
Apples, some plums and more Skittles. Yeah!
We had bought 3 pineapples so here is more of that plus some Granny Smith apples.
Shame on me for not putting the trays back in the same order. Everything in the photo above has been frozen in our regular freezer and is now ready to go in to the freeze dryer.
We used up the rest of the carton of strawberry ice cream.
We tried some mochi balls for an experiment.
Our friends gave us a bunch of mint they wanted freeze dried.
We got strawberry yogurt to try making yogurt drops.
 Here is the after look when everything has been freeze dried.
And some closer views. Sorry, I know the celery looks so different than above. It's hard to get the lighting right.
I used a plastic bag and cut a tiny hole in a corner of it. Filled the bag with yogurt and made little dots on all of our baking sheets. We froze these in our regular freezer and then transferred them all on to one tray with a piece of parchment paper inbetween.
Then, we wait.
We froze the mint in ziplock bags in our freezer. That is the picture on the left, not freeze dried yet.
The photo on the right - freeze dried mint! Super light. Easy to crush down into smaller pieces or a powder.
It's crazy how light and airy the yogurt drops and celery <-- after="" drying.="" especially="" font="" freeze="" were="">
The mochi balls were pretty good. I think I like them better not freeze dried because I like the textures in my mouth but I'd love to do a bag to have on hand for whenever. Camping, backpacking, etc.