Product was sent to me by PhotoWall based out of Sweden. All opinions are my own.
A company reached out to me earlier this year and asked if I wanted some wallpaper in exchange for a review. I immediately thought of our teardrop camper because I had been wanting to decorate the inside ever since we built it a year ago. This was the perfect opportunity. 
The wallpaper process was easy to figure out on the website. The hardest part was deciding which design I wanted. The original one I wanted which had the cutest owl, ended up not being available when I was ready to order. So Tony helped me pick the one you see pictured above. It comes in one long roll that you cut into sections where it tells you to. The sections are numbered so you know what order to do them in.
One section started over here, on the left-hand wall in the left corner. Those wood pieces sticking out were tricky to work around.
This area was hard as well, not because of the wallpaper but because there was a shelf to work around. I was able to bend and crease the wallpaper a bit so I knew where to cut.
Got the seam together. I maybe could have done a bit better job so it wasn't noticeable but I tried really hard to get it lined up perfectly. 
The finished look with the door open. I painted the wood area above the door black as well as the door frame.
Door partly closed here. The wood strip you see along the bottom will be covered up when we put the memory foam mattress back in with the sheets and blankets. 
The wallpaper I was sent did come with a packet that you could make a paste to stick the wallpaper up. However, I didn't want it to be super permanent in case I messed up badly. I am crafty but this was my first time wallpapering anything bigger than a doll's house.  I went to Joann's Fabric store and found this Elmer's Craft Bond that would help my project exactly how I wanted it to. Totally worth it, worked great and I was able to reposition the wallpaper as needed. So just know that this is an option in case you don't want to use the paste.
Overall, I would say my experience was pretty fantastic. The rep who I worked with was very helpful and responsive to my emails. The pictures and information on the website are pretty accurate. My order didn't take too long to come and I am happy overall with how this wall turned out. Can't wait to go camping now!
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