Tony and I got to Phoenix late Thursday night and stayed the next few days with my sister (thanks Allison!) We were up and out early, aka 630am, to get to the field for the pilot briefing. Here are some fun pictures from the weekend!
Sponsored balloon - Chick Fil A
The event was right next to Fear Farms at the sports complex field. A nice space for roughly 20 hot air balloons. 
This was seriously one of my favorites - balloons on a balloon! Too fun!
Helping Judy set up her balloon, Desert Drifter
Balloon reflections
Jonathon with a balloon background
We crewed for this balloon on Friday morning since they didnt have much help. Debbie and Don. They were super nice and took some really nice people up on their first ride ever.
This was the first event at this location and I think it turned out pretty well. Friday night at the glow there were not as many people as I heard that came Saturday night for the glow. I'll be blogging about the balloon glow next!