On Monday on our way to Palmcaster, we stopped in Ricardo, CA where Red Rock Canyon is located. Since we have to drive through this anyways and we have never taken the opportunity to stop, we decided to finally take a moment to check it out. So glad we did!
There were resting (or photo op) benches along the trail
Tony likes taking these types of pictures with the sun behind an object.
I prefer it this way but the sun picture is fun to try and capture when the angle is right.
A flat layer of red rock on top of whiter rocks. So interesting
Photo with these cute cactus-tree things
It was roughly a mile roundtrip on a trail that looped us back to the parking lot. We saw a bunch of lizards but not any other animals although I guess there are spiders and snakes out here. January is a good time to go, cool but not hot yet. Thank goodness because there is not much for shade out here!