I finally remembered to wear my light up shoes to a balloon event. Most of the time I forget because I am not in a good habit or they are not charged. These are $10 shoes from a county fair we went to and they aren't perfect but they are all right for now.
We arrived at the parking lot for the glow to find mostly burners going. 
Twinkle burn. All glow.
Tried to take a panorama picture at night...doesn't turn out the best but was fun to try.
This was pretty cool to do! Lots of kids were doing it but I knew I had to jump in there and get a photo too. Hehe. A one person seater hot air balloon and they let me do the burner.
The Czech It Out balloon tried hard to inflate as to not disappoint the crowd but it was windy'ish outside and the balloon bobbed around a lot before they ended up having to take it down 5 or maybe 10 minutes later. All that work to set up and not have it be able to stay up for longer. Disappointing but there's nothing you can do to change the weather.
Some glass ball experimenting...
It was a great night to walk around outside and a fun vibe
Went to Peggy Sue's for dinner and had a very long wait, finally got seated and ordered dessert first.
Worth it.
However, Tony thought there was too much whipped cream and not enough ice cream but I think both of us were so hungry (this took 15+ minutes to come out after we ordered it) that we didn't care too much and downed it quickly. It was quite good.
Called it a night and headed back to our spot for some sleep.