Day 2 of Mesquite and I got to fly! My pilot friend Kurt took me up in his balloon and it was so super cool.
Enjoy the pictures of the views I got to see.
A lot of brown but some green mixed in too.
Waving to all the paparazzi as we flew by. Haha
Kurt is one of the coolest pilots I know. He's so personable and friendly and a great pilot as well.
Lots of selfies in the sky
Me and Kurt and Randi, the other passenger. She also comes to crew often at the festivals.
Fun flying over these fancy homes by the golf course
I almost felt like I was a drone in the sky looking down
I took so many pictures in the sky and I just can't decide what to share and what not to share so ...enjoy all the photos.
Loving the shadows on the balloon and on the ground.
Such a fun day with a great tailgate at the Casa Blanca hotel parking lot afterward.