We left Ridgecrest on Thursday evening and drove for 7 hours to Kanab, Utah. There is a festival in February called Balloons & Tunes Roundup. It's in it's 5th year and we have gone to all of them I believe except last year because my brother got married the same weekend.  It was an interesting weekend for the festival starting out with Friday morning having the wind going the wrong direction and being a bit too strong. Check out how we spent the day instead...
Pilot briefing. It sure was cold! Got the news that no balloons would be flying so we ate at a doughnut and hung out a bit before heading to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary down the road for a tour.
Our tour van - so nice
Stopped and visited the cats first.
Different colored dog collars meant different things. 
This dog had huge paws! Super friendly though.
It was a nice tour, informative and great to get out at some places and at other places, just hear about the area verbally and see it with our eyes without having to get out of the van.
Pretty views at the sanctuary
The tour was roughly 2 hours and then we met back at the visitor's center to get some swag bags and ask any final questions.
Judy had a friend in Kanab who does work with dinosaur bones so we got some education and a tour of the lab. It was pretty interesting!
The left picture is toe bones from a couple of different dinosaurs.
It was all quite interesting and the people there were super knowledgable. It also seems like very tedious work. They could be working on the same section, chipping away at it to uncover a dinosaur skeleton, for years!
We went to Al's for lunch. Huge menu. Inexpensive prices. Tony got a burger and I got a chicken wrap. We got waffle fries with fry sauce. Tried their scones with honey butter. Overall, not a bad lunch.