Short hike means not a lot of pictures. I did take some on my Snapchat Spectacles and some cool video too. It was so cold! But worth it to check this place out.
I didn't take many pictures on my phone of getting into this cave because I needed my hands for scrambling over rocks. There was also water on the floor of the cave sometimes and there were a couple sections that were pretty deep.
Had to do some up and down over rocks and scrambling maybe but not much and even the 5-year-olds with us managed to get along okay which was great. It was a fun tunnel to walk through and get pictures and hang out a little bit on the other side. It was too cold to hang out for long though and we had a night glow to get to around 6pm as well.
I know this picture is a little far away but it's me, Tony, James, Ella, Joyce, Kylee and Nathan. 
Thanks to Kylee for taking this picture via her Apple watch!
Missing Pat (Joyce's husband) and hope he can join us next time. Love our group!
More info on this place and how to get there, here.