We drove from Ridgecrest to Carson City on Friday afternoon. I used the iOverlander app to find a free place to camp and it wasn't too shabby. There were a couple other people camping here as well but nobody bothered each other and it worked out perfectly.
Old campground by an airport.
We went to Costco for a bit and came outside to find this lil camper parked next to us!
Lunch on the road. Meat sandwiches on croissant rolls and chips.
On our way again Saturday afternoon. I should say, the morning was spent in a casino so Tony could watch his Boise State game. I tried to contact a friend in the area with no luck (turns out she and her family were camping with no cell service).
I didn't want to drive around with the teardrop attached but felt silly for feeling that way. Hung out with Tony for awhile in the casino but there was a Michael's, Dollar Tree and other good stores just up the street so I finally went out to the car, sat for a bit, talked to a couple who was interested in the teardrop and showed them the inside, then rolled away to do some shopping.
Okay, back on the road again though. It was so green (with some brown) , tons of trees, kind of reminded me of going to Camp Ritchie.
Felt like we drove forever but it really wasn't that bad. We arrived at Lava Beds National Monument - new to us park! The visitor center was closed so we'd have to do that later and just work on finding a camping spot for now.
So happy to finally be here!
Got my hammock set up and a little time in it before dinner.
It was simple, soup...we realized we didn't have any bowls but we made do.
It was $10/night to camp at this place and we got the last spot! (Minus a handicap spot) so I felt pretty glad we got what we did. It wasn't too shabby.
Ready for bed in the teardrop on Saturday night with Pandy and Hoote. Still need to paint and decorate the inside. Happening soon!