We were able to help out at the balloon glow in Cathedral City on Saturday evening. It was windy on our drive but luckily the wind died down the closer we got to our destination.
We crewed for Kim and Dave - their balloon Reach for the Stars. 
Rides were $20 for adults and I think we did $10 for kids. We stayed pretty busy!
I did take a little time to go walk around and snap pictures of some of the other balloons.
Lots of balloons at the event because it was a mandatory glow. I'm guessing around 30 balloons but probably a bit less. Not too shabby though. It was fun to see the community out having a great time. 
We started glowing and set up about 6pm I think and went until 9pm at least.
It was busy! I got to see my friend Cassandra too who stopped by with her friends and she and her friend Dayspring (what a cool name right?!) took a tethered ride and I got to go up with them. That was a blast and I love that Cassandra and I were in the same place at the same time and that she was willing to come with her friends to the balloon event.