Big news first? Okay! IT SNOWED IN RIDGECREST! And I can't believe we were not home to witness it. Luckily we had our house cameras so we got to track the progress of the snow. It was quite fun to watch but crazy that after being home for 2 weeks and getting on the road again, the weather decided to give this small desert town some snow. Sigh. Such is life...
Happy Thanksgiving , hope you all had a nice one celebrating with family and/or friends.I feel so blessed we were able to make the drive to Idaho to spend a few times. While I have gotten to see some family throughout the year, Tony hasn't gotten to see his family at all!
Everyone who came chipped in with bringing food. My dad did make turkey, stuffing and deviled eggs. My sister Laura brought rolls. There was mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, veggies and dip and pickles.
Tony and I were asked to bring cheese and crackers but instead we put together this charcuterie board with items from Costco, Walmart and the Dollar Tree. I think it turned out fairly well and huge thanks to my sister Laura for coming up with the design because I didn't know where to start.
My plate - super good
I'm sad we didn't take a family group picture, just got some random shots.
Reese is sulky because he wanted a turkey leg and my sister just put some pieces of turkey on his plate. Teehee
My sister made this yummy mix of cereal, white chocolate, pretzels and marshmallows..Mmm
Did crafts with my mom, sister and sisters in law ~ making faux stained glass with Gallery Glass paints from Plaid Crafts.
Found the Christmas truck on Pinterest and I'm glad I had colored Popsicle sticks even though I brought paints just in case. But having them already colored was much easier.
Took some fun random pictures
Cami made a chocolate pie and lemon meringue and my dad made a pumpkin pie
I wish I had taken a picture earlier , some people had left but this area was filled with shoes!Kind of a tradition for me to take a picture in this spot I guess.
Black Friday shopping! Tony went out at 5:15 to meet his mom at Walmart to get our TV and then he came back to the house and we left around 7pm. Met up with his sister Trishna and her husband Justin throughout the night and I got to see Laura, Rocky and the kids at Kohls and that was pretty cool. That night we went to Gordmans, Old Navy, Michael's, Target, Ulta, Best Buy and Bath & Body Works.