Trying to find Desert X stuff which apparently has all been taken down? But the GPS coordinates took us to this cool Sunnylands Center & Gardens. I saw an owl sculpture inside so knew we had to go in and check everything out. I'm so glad we did!
Fun cacti everywhere. 
Whenever I go to museums/gardens I think of how proud my mom might be if I told her I went. Hopefully she will read this blog post. I think it's something she wanted us all to love and enjoy as kids (museums and gardening) but none of us appreciated it like she did. 
This is the sculpture I saw from the parking lot that I wanted a photo with.Thanks to Tony for obliging me. I was worried the museum would cost money but that was only if you wanted to do a paid tour ($20). Luckily you could walk around for free and walk around we did! Which felt so good after eating all the food at a buffet. 
I just love these barrel cacti. So cute (but not the hugging kind of cute).
Wandered around the maze but didn't make it to the middle because I got antsy and everyone was being too quiet. Haha. So we hopped out. Hopefully it didn't make anyone upset. 
Hands down one of my favorite pictures! I have one without me in it and Tony did take this one of me. I have a really gorgeous one that is earth above and reflection down in the water. Not sure where I should post it. I should probably watermark it and then I can get it up.
Another shot with the reflection pool and a Sunday style photo for me.
No church clothes that day!
Interesting art everywhere. The indoor area of the museum really wasn't that big at all. I'd say you could check it all out in 30 minutes or less.
One of the least, it looks like an owl to me.
Overall, very cool place. I need to find out more behind it and not really sure why it was included on the Desert X map that I found but I'm glad we came here!
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