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It doesn't have a name yet but meet our new freeze dryer from Harvest Right - in my top favorite color! How lucky is that!? I have said it before and I'll say it again, I feel like there was divine inspiration in being able to purchase a FD at this time. We've wanted one forever! We first saw/heard about them at a Preparedness Fair in Utah (I think in Roy) and we were so intrigued by it. But the price tag at the time was sure not something we could manage at the time so I joined the email list and kept my eye on the prices. Even over the years with the price coming down, it was quite expensive.Then, someone in our ward posted they were selling theirs. I messaged them to see if it was still available and was told someone else was interested but if they decided to pass, we were next in line. The next thing I knew,  I was getting a message telling us no pressure but we were up if we wanted to purchase the freeze dryer. I didn't think Tony would say yes, I didn't think we had enough money for the price they were asking but! check it out. It all worked out in the end. And we have been so very happy with the FD so far.
Keep reading to see what we freeze dried first!
We went to Walmart and spent almost $30 on candies to try. I'd bought freeze dried Skittles in Utah and loved them so much and really wanted to try some other candies too.
We laid everything out on the trays. Skittles, taffy, Milk Duds, Hi-Chews, Sour Skittles, Oreos and Mini Starbursts.
Everything prepped and ready to go in!
It took about 24 hours although I think we stopped the FD at 22 hours because we were so anxious to see how everything had turned out.
Skittles - great.
Taffy - so great.
Milk Duds - worked!
Hi-Chew - I would have liked to leave those in for longer
Sour Skittles - perfect
Oreos - definitely not enough time
Mini Starbursts - not that exciting. Possibly needed more time.
Here are some close ups...
Let me know what you think and what candies we should freeze dry next!