Here we go - freeze drying marshmallows...
Also, Tony took apart the pump, the owners before us never cleaned it and it should be cleaned once in awhile. Surprisingly, it actually wasn't too bad for not being taken apart and cleaned in the last 3 years.
This is the time when the shortages at the stores started to happen because of Covid-19. This is the paper towel and toilet paper aisle. Craziness.
We managed to find mini pies at Albertsons (also at Walmart and cheaper there too. Whoops!) because Tony had pie day at work on Friday & wanted to try doing freeze dried pumpkin pies and whipped cream. 
He cooked up pumpkin pies and froze them (flash-freezing). Then squirted whipped cream from a can straight on to the tray. Sometimes we do put down parchment paper. Other times we just dump the food on to the trays. Just depends. 
See afterwards? They don't look freeze-dried at all but they actually are!
I put them together just for fun.
The ice buildup on the inside of the FD didn't happen for the candy but the more moisture in the food you decide to FD, the more ice buildup there is. This has to get gone before you can start another batch. Once the ice melts away (there's a process to speed it up a bit) you can start your next batch. Plus its a good chance to give the pump a break.
Update on the marshmallows. We did white ones, peppermint ones, some Peeps, heart shaped mallows, bigger colored mallows and Smashmallows. These took a bit less than 24 hours.
Also an update on the Skittles, packaged some up to give the girls at the upcoming girls camp meeting and everyone seemed pretty happy to try them. I used my Cricut Maker to do some print and cut camping/ourdoorsy themed stickers.
We also have a small fun assortment in the Airbnb room for guests that come.