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Next up for the freeze dryer:
Oven Baked Chicken Breast 
Instant Pot Chicken & Rice
We were able to get a good chicken deal at Albertsons - boneless, skinless chicken breasts for .99 cents/lb! SO good. We took advantage and stocked up on a bunch of chicken and then looked for recipes and got recipe suggestions from friends. Time to get to work!
Each tray can hold up to 2.5 pounds of food. Our HarvestRight freeze dryer is a size medium and can hold 8-10 pounds of food total. 
Glad we have this scale that I use for shipping packages on to be able to weigh the food now as well.
Shredded chicken that we cooked in the Instant Pot
Packaging up the food in mylar bags. Important to do this pretty much as soon as you can after the machine stops. We use a spatula to shovel it into the bags. 
Drop an oxygen absorber in and then we seal with a flatiron. 
Label and you are good to go. Freeze dried food like this can last 25-30 years when sealed.