Our CA friends were flying again in Lehi on Thursday before heading to St. George and then home. Tony had to work sadly but I went out and met up with Erica and her family to crew again. She gave me a ride again as well! Grateful that the air was more clear on this day.
Up up and away again! Peggy is not too far behind us. This was a great area to launch from.
Some really cool views from the air. Nice that it was less smokey on this day compared to Monday.
Peggy in her balloon, flying over the town of Lehi.
Peggy (another CA pilot flying that day) got this photo of me and Erica in her balloon.
Victor, Erica's dad, ready to "catch" us in this park. We breezed between the trees and had a nice landing. Lots of kids and adults came over when we landed.
Melty Way at South Town Mall for lunch! Thank you LocalFluence.
I had a free treat at Spilled Milk to redeem so we tracked the food truck down and ordered some desserts. So delicious, flavor wise, smooth and creamy, they have some fun combinations. Definitely  would meet up with them again and order another cone!
Great way to wrap up the day!