The colors on the way up to a section of homes doing a community yardsale in Draper. My sister and I headed out about 7am or so to check out some sales that were advertised on Facebook or that we had seen signs for earlier in the week. We found a few good things, I didn't take a photo of any of it though. Laura found more than I did.
Yummy sandwich from Einstein Bagels after a morning of yard sales.
Picked apples at our friends house. They were in CA (we swapped places!) but were so kind to allow us to get some apples anyways. They're so good and we are enjoying getting a bunch dehydrated. 
Next up - time for a scenic drive up Millcreek Canyon to check on the colors before heading to the Utah State Fair.
Some pre-fall selfies...
Beautiful scenery but the colors were not changing a whole lot yet which was a bit disappointing
I can't decide which photo is better, left or right? Tony looks funny in the left picture but I look good. Then he looks good in the photo on the right and I feel like I have crazy eyes. Lol. So, you decide!
We stood in line to get to the Utah State Fair from 8:30 to 9:15. Tony's cousin Joey joined us and then I was outvoted on staying to get in as we were told it would be another hour in line. The fair was only open until 11pm! The night was so young but we ended up doing other things. I cried inside. I love going to the fair...
A couple photos of the Salt Lake City LDS temple that night. Under construction for awhile!
Tried a rolled ice cream place downtown since we were not able to get in to the fair. 
It was pretty good. They have some fun looking drinks I want to go try next time.
Documenting this crazy year of 2020...
Not pictured, after the ice cream, we went to check out a headboard that Joey had found behind a dumpster at an apartment complex.  She really wanted to get it but we couldn't with our car so we drove back to West Jordan, hooked up the trailer we had rented to bring back to CA with us and then drove back out to Salt Lake and loaded up the headboard. It was a late night but very fun!