This is one of my very favorite spots in Rockaway Beach. Ooh my. It was fun being able to bring Tony's parents here after the reunion. I only wish that more of us at the reunion had been able to come here.




Proof that Tony's dad was out on the trail with us for a bit

Poor Tony was not feeling so great but he went on the walk with us

Huge leaves!

Love the wooden pathway to walk safely through all the greenery

We picked and ate a few fresh berries. So yummy


Playing with the portrait setting on my phone. Kind of fun!

I love coming here because it is so quiet, peaceful, not crowded and beautiful to look, be surrounded and walk through so much nature. Which truly isn't far from the beach but you feel like you are not near the coast when you are in this area.

I dont think I've ever taken the beautiful green of Oregon for granted but I appreciate it even more now that I've lived in the desert for 5+ years.


No shame in my Croc game. Haha. Tony got these for my birthday in July but I was too embarrassed to wear them until I went to Disneyland with one of my sisters in August. So freekin comfy. I didn't even have to break them in. My feet like wearing these so much and now they are one of my staple shoe...err..sandals?

Posing with an old old tree.

More time for some fun pictures. It was nice not to have to rush.

Tony & his mom walking and talking

The star of the show - this tree is 154 feet in height and is almost 50 feet at the circumfrence.
Visit Rockaway Beach Cedar Preserve yourself and let me know what you think! I hope you love it!