Whitney Portals Area Exploring

Smokey views all the way up to the portals. But when we got up there it was a little better. I guess...

Heading Towards Whitney Portals

 Snagged this picture as we drove by after going up to Whitney Portals. This is where we ate, outsi...

Manzanar War Relocation Center

We drive by this area occasionally, usually on our way to Idaho. But we've never taken the chance to...

Our Solar Journey - Issues and 1st inspection

Now that everything is hooked up we tested it out with a minor issue and called the inspector to pass everything off.

Our Solar Journey - Installing Panels

We are finally able to start installing the solar panels.

Our Solar Journey - System Wiring

This is going to be a two step process of hooking up the subpanel to the combiner box and then combiner box to the solar panels.

Our Solar Journey - Shingles and Railing System

It took us 17 hours over 6 days to shingle the roof and put down the railing system for the solar panels.

Our Solar Journey - Roof Work

*This post may contain affiliate links*Since we are doing this project in the middle of the Ridgecre...

Our Solar Journey - Shingles lift

One of the biggest worries that I had with doing the roof was getting the shingles ontop. So we built a shingle lift to get them up there.

The Start of Something New - Our Solar Journey

We have lived in Ridgecrest, CA for almost 4 years now. I can't even believe it's been that long alr...

Teardrop Camper Wallpaper Review

Product was sent to me by PhotoWall based out of Sweden. All opinions are my own.A company reached o...

Freeze Drying Adventures - Fruits, Mint & Mochi Balls

**This post contains affiliate links**Another day, another freeze drying adventure. Our Harvest Righ...

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